The Biltmore Brand: Preservation and Creation

Friday, June 26 12:30pm–3:00pm

Boarding schools are historic. But how do you as a leader leverage that history for relevance and vibrancy today and into the future?

The Vanderbilt/Cecil family has managed the Biltmore brand and reputation for four generations. Hear from cousins, and boarding school graduates, Bill Cecil Jr., President and CEO of The Biltmore Company owner of The Biltmore Estate, and Jack Cecil, President of Biltmore Farms LLC, a community real estate developer, as they share what it takes to reimagine a legacy, contemporize a brand, and create continual growth and innovation. Using the Biltmore case as an exemplar, we’ll explore how in your work as Head of School, you might marry the roles of steward and entrepreneur, honoring the mission, tradition, and history of your school while invigorating its present life and creating an inspiring vision for tomorrow.

William “Bill” A.V. Cecil, Jr.,
President and CEO, The Biltmore Company
Asheville, North Carolina
Graduate of Asheville School, NC (1977)

John “Jack” F.A.V. Cecil,
President, Biltmore Farms, LLC
Asheville, North Carolina
Graduate of St. Mark’s School, MA (1974)